Media Relations/Public Relations • Branding • Positioning

• Media Strategy • Social Networking • and More!


In order to raise awareness of your products, you need to have them on the radar of key food, beverage bloggers, influencers and editors via unique and compelling story angles. 


- we increase media awareness by showcasing your expertise in digital, print and electronic outlets and by setting up important cross promotional opportunities 

- we continue to cement your brand’s position  

- we continue to attract guests to your venue and encourage repeat business 

- we craft relevant local, regional and national personality and hospitality stories for media coverage 

- we introduce media to your products

- we train you to be dynamic spokespersons for your brand and qualified expert/thought leaders on trends relating to your products

- we provide strategic counsel

- we differentiate you from your competition 

- we increase media relations coverage and social media engagement

- we help prepare your brand for continued success 


These are some of the necessary activities dsc puts into play for you to insure your success, whether for the launch of a new restaurant or product or for the uplifting of a tired brand.