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courtesy Michael S. Barr Photography
courtesy Michael S. Barr Photography

With our ability to bring success to clients who have a broad variety of needs, our campaigns are grounded in helping you develop a coherent brand, increase sales, gain awareness, build consumer and media relationships with your product or company and create a strategic program that will get the job done for you!

Branding • Positioning • Media Strategy + Placement • Social Networking • and More!

1. Setting the expectations (what kind of quality your audience can expect from your product or business)
We work with you to develop a story that allows your audience to understand what they can expect from your product or company.  This story is presented to the media so that they can tell consumers who you are and what you do.  

If you are a restaurant, one of the important ways the media tells consumers what they can expect from your product or company is through a review. That review helps to set consumer expectations.

2. Meeting those expectations
The next step is for you to meet the expectations that we present to media and consumers. It’s the meeting of those expectations that allows consumers to come back to your product or company. 

3. Maintaining those expectations
The crucial aspect of the branding process is the long term goal of maintaining your brand and building on it. That can only be done if expectations toward your brand are maintained. We work to keep you on track, to continually make your story come alive with media and to help you maintain quality in your product and company.

4. Organizationally prepared for success
One of the key assets of working with us is that we organize you so that the branding process can be succeessful. 

We make sure you are:

• always on concept; 
• in step with the competition;
• prepared to work with media;
• in step with future goals.


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