Our adoring fans


"They were able to get our message out in ways that we were definitely not able to do on our own. They kept us focused on our message and then did the leg-work that got results. We're very happy." 

Francis Schott | Stage Left Steakhouse & Catherine Lombardi


"They were great to work with. Not only did they get people to take a fresh look at us, they helped us stay on task and not get derailed by the everyday problems that are a regular occurrence in the restaurant world."

Mark Pascal | Stage Left Steakhouse & Catherine Lombardi


"It is always a pleasure to work with Karen Schloss and her team! They recently facilitated a perfectly orchestrated event. We appreciated their success at recruiting several influential writers to cover the dinner and look forward to future opportunities to partner."

Sharon Stevens | Amanti Vino Morristown and Montclair


"dsc is the best of the best at what they do. Karen and her team do an excellent job handling the needs of their clients and anticipating the needs of the media. Every interaction is thoroughly professional -- and usually fun."

Ken Schlager | Former Editor, New Jersey Monthly


"dsc is nothing short of awesome to work with. From coordinating interviews, to fulfilling very specific requests—sometimes with incredibly short turnaround times—they really, truly 'get it' and always come through."

Rachel Bozek | Editor, Jersey Bites


"When Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) was starting up ... I reached out to diaz • schloss communications because I knew they were in-the-know experts who had the ability to connect us with New Jersey restaurant industry leaders. The team understood the kind of stories we needed for our niche and worked with us to tailor the narrative on articles and videos. Their highly professional approach offers a distinct personal touch that is responsive to both the needs of their clients and the media outlet." 

Barbara Castiglia | Executive Editor, ModernRestaurantManagement.com


"Behind every great man is a great woman, and in my case I'm fortunate to have three. Karen, Byrne and Teresa at dsc have been with me for nearly 10 years, from almost the beginning, and have been an amazing part of my growth and success. They've given Samba and me continuous support, guidance and of course great media coverage, and I'm so grateful to have them on my team."

Ilson Goncalves | Executive Chef/Owner, Samba Montclair


"As a journalist, Karen Schloss and her incredible team were go-to sources for the most talented and successful restaurateurs and food entrepreneurs in the tri-state area. As a friend and an entrepreneur, diaz • schloss has been incredibly supportive of all of my endeavors, including actively participating in meaningful nonprofit work and business mentoring. I am eternally grateful for my connection with them and hope to continue working with Karen and her team for years to come." 



"High Heat is a better book thanks to diaz • schloss because they're always there as good friends, constantly challenging and motivating."

Waldy Malouf | High Heat