What Media Has To Say About dsc

"The remarkable diaz • schloss team is one of the very best in the East. Their work is always thoughtful, creative and effective. It is certainly useful/helpful/provocative to me, and if it works for me, it works for their many clients. A class act and delightful people."

- Bob Lape, restaurant critic, WCBS-AM Radio

"I have worked with Karen Schloss and Frank Diaz since 2001 and can vouch for their professionalism, expertise, and integrity. Whenever I ask for information about one of their clients they send it to me immediately ...They also make sure to follow through to see if I need additional data such as an interview with a chef or restaurateur. My job is made much easier because of their well written and informative press releases, contacts, competence, and knowledge of the industry."

Rosalie Saferstein, New Jersey Monthly


When I receive a press release, I treat it as I would a resume. Does it tell me within 30 seconds how it’s relevant to my work and why I should care? Does it lay out the important facts in a way that piques my interest but does not exaggerate? And, if so, does it supply me with all the info I need to take action? Over the years I have come to trust communications from the Diaz-Schloss team to meet - and exceed - these requirements.  Too often I receive releases written by other so-called pros that omit or misstate important facts, are rife with typos and grammatical errors, and/or contain laughable hyperbole ... Which is why when restaurateurs ask me to recommend a p.r. firm, I do not hesitate to name ... the diaz • schloss team."
- Pat Tanner, food writer/restaurant critic, NJ Monthly magazine, The Princeton Packet


"Karen ... and Frank are a husband-and-wife team operating a boutique PR firm out of New Jersey, with a lengthy roster of low-key, high-end restaurant clients like the midtown restaurant Beacon and the legendary bartender Dale "King of Cocktails" DeGroff."

From Steven A. Shaw's, Turning the Tables

"High Heat is a better book thanks to Karen Schloss and Frank Diaz, because they're always there as good friends, constantly challenging and motivating."

- From Waldy Malouf's, High Heat

"I can't thank Karen Schloss and Frank Diaz enough for their encouragement, support and friendship over the years.  If you've ever heard of The Comfort Diner before this book, it is undoubtedly due to their efforts."
- From Ira Freehof's, The Comfort Diner Cookbook