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"I have the pleasure of working with fine public relations firms throughout the New York metro area and definitely count diaz • schloss communications among them. Their professional team is always a pleasure to work with and they represent their clients efficiently and well. 

Marina P. Kennedy | Editor in Chief, Broadwayworld.com Food and Wine


"I have worked with diaz • schloss communications since 2001 and can vouch for their professionalism, expertise and integrity. My job is made much easier because of their well written and informative press releases, contacts, competence, and knowledge of the industry."

Rosalie Saferstein | New Jersey Monthly


"Karen and her team at dsc are top notch in the world of food and beverage PR! No one knows the top media contacts in North Jersey better than they do. They supported my marketing initiatives and created many of their own for us as well."

Sharon Sevrens | Proprietor, Amanti Vino  


"Over the years I have come to trust communications from the Diaz-Schloss team to meet- and exceed ... which is why, when restaurateurs ask me to recommend a pr firm, I do not hesitate to name ... the diaz • schloss team." 

Pat Tanner | NJ MonthlyThe Princeton Packet


"High Heat is a better book thanks to diaz • schloss because they're always there as good friends, constantly challenging and motivating."

Waldy Malouf | High Heat


"I can't thank diaz • schloss enough for their encouragement, support and friendship over the years. If you've ever heard of The Comfort Diner before this book, it is undoubtedly due to their efforts."

Ira Freehof | The Comfort Diner Cookbook